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EMRM Ltd, a great company to work with, they deliver on their KPI’s consistently, they always offer a first-class service. The team is a pleasure to work alongside, our customers are in safe hands

Steve Bould – Regional manager – Homeserve

Your customer is in our hands

We understand the importance of seamless service — you aim to hand over your customers’ needs with confidence, knowing their issues will be resolved without any hassle. That’s the commitment we embody at EMRM LTD.

Why stress over complications when we’re here to simplify? Our philosophy is simple: a problem shared with us is a problem solved. We pride ourselves on transforming challenges into solutions, making us the trusted partner you’ve been seeking.

With a vast coverage across the UK, our team consists of fully certified Gas Safe engineers, skilled in delivering top-tier repairs and maintenance services. Supported by a courteous, efficient, and informative call centre, we’re not just addressing issues; we’re enhancing customer experiences.

At EMRM LTD, we take on the responsibility of ensuring your customers’ satisfaction. It’s more than a service; it’s our promise to you. We’re set apart by our commitment to excellence, reliability, and an unwavering focus on customer care.

Choose us for peace of mind. Discover the difference with EMRM LTD — where superior service isn’t just an aspiration, it’s a guarantee.


About us

  • Boiler Servicing

    Boiler servicing in high volumes is an essential part of the contracts we serve. We understand you want to pass on services and be confident they’ll be booked in, so your customers will be happy and you’ll be hassle-free. That’s precisely what we do, and we’d challenge anyone to beat how well we look after your customers.

  • Our Partners

    Our partners currently include insurance clients across the UK. We work closely with Homeserve UK, AXA Home emergency, Domestic and General Ltd, CET Group, we have recently added 24/7 Home Rescue Ltd to our client base. We want to work with you.

  • Boiler RePAIR

    Hitting service level agreements is key, right? It is for us. You want to pass a job on and get it back when it has been completed with no problems for you or your customers along the way. With an impressive first-time fix rate, backed up with excellent quality control, you can rest assured that’s exactly what will happen.

What our clients think of us

Easy to deal with, we send EMRM Ltd the jobs and they handle them with due care and attention, a pleasure to work alongside

Mark Woolerton- CET Group Area manager