Charity events

This year EMRM Ltd will be backing two very good causes, one of these will be Little faces charity and ups and downs charity as well as speech therapy for a very special boy.

Little faces is a charity that has provided a school, water food and clothing to children in Kenya.

Ups and Downs is a charity for children who have downs syndrome.

Both unbelievable charities and ones we hope to raise as much money as possible for.

Finley is 6 he is a beautiful caring boy.

Communicating with your child is easy right? Wrong, we are unfortunately in the percentage that is unable to do this.

Finley was diagnosed with severe Autism at the age of 2, This was an exceedingly difficult time for us as a family, Autism, What is that we asked?

Finley is nonverbal and has extremely low muscle tone, communicating with him can be a challenge as Finley only understands a little. He plods along and gets frustrated at times which becomes incredibly stressful for him, the hardest part of this is we cannot help him.

He is such a beautiful clever boy who is obsessed with numbers and letters and can spell words that he sees on TV in his books or out in shop windows. He is so good with logo’s his memory is exceptionally good.

After the initial diagnosis, we researched a lot and tried to understand how we could make it easier for our son, this has been a challenge, Finley doesn’t get on with sign language or Makaton.

Finley has recently begun to put himself in danger by climbing on to garage roofs, climbing out of bathroom windows, we have had to make a lot of changes to our home to protect Finley.

To see our son distressed and unable to tell me why he is distressed is extremely difficult, I would like to raise some funds to support Finley with his speech or any form of communication.

I know that any communication educational support he will learn very quickly.

We have a target of £2000 for Finley’s treatment. 

We just want to give our son the chance to have the best life possible.

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