Condense Pipes

With sub zero temperatures fast approaching, one of the most common issues we see with boiler breakdowns during this period is frozen condense pipes.

What are these you may ask? The condense pipe is the white plastic pipe that usually comes out of the bottom of the boiler and into an external drain.

The purpose of the condense pipe is to take away the liquid that the boiler produces which cools the boiler down and makes it more efficient.

Temperatures below freezing generally cause the liquid in the condense pipe to freeze (This happens when an external condense pipe has not been fitted or lagged correctly) which then stops the boiler from working.

How to fix this, if you find the condense pipe showing signs of frost on it and your boiler is not working, this is the most likely cause.

To fix this, simply boil a kettle of hot water, once the water is boiled very slowly and carefully (Making sure you do not spill the water on your self) pure the water over the condense pipe.

By doing this you will unfreeze the liquid inside the pipe and the boiler (if this is the cause will) will start to work again.

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