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Boiler Servicing

The Essential Guide to Boiler Servicing: Why It Matters for Your Comfort and Safety Boiler servicing is more than just a routine… Read More

New service contract agreed

A Milestone Achieved: Our Partnership with British Gas We’re thrilled to share an exhilarating milestone in our journey – the successful acquisition… Read More

Boiler installations

EMRM LTD are not just boiler repair specialists, we also install the newest boiler brands on the market. A recent Ideal logic… Read More

Cattows Farm LPG install

A commercial LPG gas kitchen installation at Cattows farm our team have been working on this week. We have installed the supply… Read More


March is the third month of the year and named after Mars in both the Julian and Gregorian calendars. It is the… Read More

Wolverhampton project

We recently completed a project at a Wolverhampton care home The care home had recently been broken into and the boilers and… Read More

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