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Condense Pipes

With sub zero temperatures fast approaching, one of the most common issues we see with boiler breakdowns during this period is frozen… Read More

Central heating pumps

A central heating pump is a small mechanical tool installed on your central heating system which is used to speed up the… Read More

Winter season

Winter season is fast approaching. Dark mornings, dark early nights are among us again. There is something magical about those winter nights… Read More

We have the job for you

Are you a pleasant mannered well-spoken person? Can you deal with customers politely? Do you want to work for a company that… Read More

Printed circuit boards

PCB’S as these components are commonly known as, are the brains of a central heating boiler. The PCB is what makes all electronic components… Read More

We are back

We are pleased to announce the official re-opening of our office. It has been over 6 months since we last worked in… Read More

7 years later

We as a company are now 7 years old, 7 years? it has as been a great journey so far but we… Read More